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Foreclosure Defense Attorneys

forclosureIn a downturned economy it is often difficult to make mortgage payments.  Job security is more of a punchline than a reality and many home owners have seen the value of their property bounce up and down faster than a ride at the state fair.  Time an unforeseen occurrences befall us all and sometimes making the mortgage payment is just not possible.  Unfortunately, banks are not as understanding as we may wish.

Sometimes missing one or two mortgage payments generates a snowball effect of interest and penalties that seem impossible to stop.  All too often this leads to foreclosure proceedings being initiated by the bank against the home owner.  Facing a foreclosure can make you feel helpless.  The letters you receive from the bank seem complex and ominous.  What can be done?

Each situation is unique, but you may have options other than foreclosure.  At the Devolder Law Firm we can assess your situation and help you to determine the best course of action for your family.  Our attorneys can contact your lender and negotiate on your behalf, review your mortgage terms, assess your financial position, assist with a short sale, or defend you in court.  If you are facing a foreclosure don’t do it alone.  Your home is your most important asset, let us help you to protect it.