Devolder Law Firm

What makes the Devolder Law Firm different?


First, we seek to handle all the legal needs facing suburban families. A limited niche practice that solves a small range of legal problems can make things easier for an attorney, but it doesn’t benefit clients unless they have a highly technical, specialized problem. We are certainly willing to call on expert specialist attorneys when needed, but most suburban families have pretty typical needs, and they just don’t confine themselves to a single area of the law.  For example, the typical client who is going through a divorce may need changes to their property’s deed, or may require a sale or lease contract for a new property, a new will, or maybe even a bankruptcy.  Many attorneys happily take the client’s money for the divorce –   then refuse to handle the client’s other legal issues, forcing the client to retain the services of multiple attorneys.  After the client has invested time in shopping for an attorney they like, and explaining the complexities of their situation, now they have to start over, and get another attorney up to speed on what they have been through, just to get the comprehensive advice they need?  Who has time for that?  Particularly when the legal issues are related to a single event, they often overlap:  client plans to purchase a new house from divorce settlement funds.  A problem arises.  Should you call the real estate attorney? The divorce attorney?  Both?

No one wants to pay two attorneys for legal advice on the same problem!  Nor should a client have to decipher two sets of legal advice, given with different aspects of the law in mind. Having an attorney who will help you look at all aspects of your problem is essential to helping you arrive at an effective solution.

Second, we love to learn.  We tutor law school students on the side, once a month, in nearly every subject.  We get a lot of satisfaction from sharing our knowledge and learning techniques with others, but it also keeps us fresh on a wide array of legal topics.  Practicing in a single legal field day in and day out makes it easy to forget legal principles from other disciplines, or to overlook alternative remedies.  Where some practitioners see a single path, we strive to examine each problem from multiple angles, and provide a larger set of options and considerations to our client.

Our key values also set us apart.  Read more about each of them below.

Communication – We communicate, directly, with our clients.  Lack of communication is the largest complaint most clients have about their attorneys.  We know our job is more than just knowing the law, or even providing effective legal service – our clients need to remain informed about what is going on in their legal matter!  Although we may not always be available on demand, and we must prioritize the needs of all our clients, we will speak to you directly whenever possible and will call you back – even if it is to say that we don’t have an answer yet.  Although our time is valuable, our clients are valuable too. We embrace the use of modern technology to enhance our availability to clients, and yet we also know that sometimes, there is nothing quite as good as a good old-fashioned phone call or face to face meeting.  At a minimum, you will receive an emailed weekly update on any ongoing legal matter you have – because communicating with you is a core value of our firm.

Relatability – We can relate to our clients.  We spent years working in corporate America, in middle management jobs, and remember the frustration of needing legal answers and not wanting to pay a fortune.  We are homeowners, we are parents, and we have faced our own legal disputes – they are part of what sent us to law school!  We are sincere and genuine, and enjoy knowing our clients as people, not just as a “legal matter.”   We are interested in WHO our client is, outside of the service we are providing for them. In India, they say “Namaste” – I recognize the spirit within you.  We acknowledge that spirit and seek to find meaningful common ground and understanding with you, in order to give you the best representation possible.

Approachability – Many people view lawyers as a position of authority that deserves respect, a respect that somehow becomes intimidating, making some people feel weak, subservient, inferior, or quiet.  We seek to minimize that canyon of separation.  We are very approachable – call us, talk to us, tell us about it!  Your information is kept strictly confidential and we are discreet.  We hear all kinds of things from all kinds of people – and we do not judge, both because it serves no purpose and because it can only get in the way of helping efficiently.  We do our best to avoid words and actions which increase unnecessary formality, or suggest unavailability, because we don’t want to make our clients feel unimportant.  You can always reach out to us.  We are here to help.