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A realtor shaking hands with a smiling couple in front of a home.For most people, their home is the biggest investment of their life. The process of buying and selling often seems simple: Both buyer and seller hire a realtor, the buyer settles on the home for purchase, a realtor fills in blanks on a pre-printed contract, and the transaction is underway. Throughout the process, the buyer and seller talk to their respective realtors. The realtors say everything is under control and proceeding normally.

Then it happens. The day before closing, a major “unforeseen” problem comes up. Maybe the buyer couldn’t obtain financing, someone discovers a lien or assessment for thousands of dollars on the seller’s home, or someone simply gets cold feet and decides not to close.

What do the realtors say? “Oh well, let’s just find another home/buyer. There’s nothing we can do about it — it’s best to just move on.”

But what about the buyer and seller? The buyer has invested their resources, both financial and emotional, and hours of their time on preparing to purchase this home. The seller has to continue paying taxes, electricity, water, and usually a mortgage on the home, and they expected to have large influx of cash. Oftentimes, the seller has moved out and now has two rent/mortgage payments. Now, lots of questions linger: Was the problem really “unforeseen”? What happens to the deposit money? Is there a way to be compensated for these damages?

Your Realtor Is Not a Lawyer!

The problems described above happen all too frequently. When they do, it’s important to understand that your realtor is not an attorney and can’t help you recoup money for damages you have suffered when another party has breached their contract.

At the Devolder Law Firm, we assist prospective buyers and sellers in real estate transactions and work to protect their rights. We can draft addendums to the contract to avoid common problems, follow up on contract deliverables before closing, and help you recoup damages sustained when another party breaches a contract.

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If you’re buying or selling a home, you’re involved in a major financial transaction — maybe the biggest one of your life. Let the Devolder Law Firm team help you protect that investment. Having an attorney on your side now can save you a great deal of money and headache later.

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