Next Steps

What’s Next?

next2You can keep “thinking about” what to do, struggling to find the right information through Google searches and worrying whether or not it applies to your situation. You can spend another day distracted from your work and relationships, and another night awake and obsessing over worst-case scenarios.


You can get answers that apply to your specific situation, and feel the calm that comes with knowledge and a clear plan.  A consultation doesn’t commit you to representation unless YOU AGREE you want to move forward.  If you only need advice, you can make sure you have the information you need to know WHEN to take action.  If you do need to move forward with legal action, you‘ll have already taken the first step and will know the timeline and events that can affect your legal rights.

Our goal is to give you options.  When you have the knowledge you need, you can always still make the informed decision to do nothing.  Or you can choose to make quiet plans and protections during a period of observation while you decide how to seek peace.  Or you can make strategic use of the information you’ve gained to maximize your advantage.  Understanding the options available to you helps you make the right choice about what action to take.

You’ll get the opportunity to discuss your situation.  When you’re going through a tough time, sometimes it’s hard to figure out which facts are important – the facts that are most important emotionally aren’t always the ones that are most important legally.  Our attorneys will listen to understand the things that concern you the most, and also ask questions to guide you through the details that may impact your legal rights.

We’ll even discuss legal AND non-legal solutions.  Most attorneys will tell you only the legal solution they recommend, leaving you to sort through any other possible ways to get what you want.  We will help you consider your legal options and suggest any alternatives, examine negotiating factors and methods of alternative dispute resolution.

Can you imagine not having to worry about what your spouse is going to do next?  About how your children will be affected?  Can you imagine having someone to call that is ready to protect your interests and have your back?

When you are finally ready to move forward, you can craft a new and peaceful life even sooner than expected since you got started with the advice you needed now.

We have seen it happen.

So if you are ready to let someone help you protect your family and your assets, then click here to schedule your individual, confidential consultation.